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Understanding yourself (Smart Study Book episode 1)

I believe to find yourself on the route of education you have decided and perhaps you have a vision and purpose for your study. If you are pushed to go the school way then thats another case.

So the complex part of smart study involves you understanding yourself, naturally the minds differ in their capacity of perceiving and storing information. We can put it in this way, some are sharp, medium sharp and slow but there is no limit to how far the mind can work. With that being said we can conclude there is no dull mind.

So it is your responsibility to discover your mind and know were you fit and you have to be honest with yourself. Whatever mind capacity you fit in that should be your secret and it should never make you feel bad or something. You have to love the real you and work in those margins.

In as much as we know the foods we like and the allergies smart study requires you to know the nature of your mind. You need to know how easy you understand and at what rate can your mind capture the information you are feeding it, how long can you stay on a book and how long can it store it. Are you comfortable with calculations and so forth. If we are to fix the statement and say everyone needs to study for 2 to 3 hours that won’t be true because the minds differ.

How long you stay on the book does not really matter, what matters is you understanding and moving at the best stipulated interval. If you studying for a scheduled exam you need to set up your time to stay on the book wih regard to your mind capacity if it takes you 2 to 3 hours and if it means you going through the same stuff over and over then do it cause thats how your mind capacity is, but bare in mind your stipulated time.

The mind works similar to a computer, it will tell you disk full for a moment and then later refresh itself, so please don’t waste time studying when you are tired. When you are tired but forcing yourself to study the mind reduces its rate of perceiving thus resulting in you spending awkward hours on a simple topic of study. The whole reason of studying or either reading a novel is storing information for present and future use so your study should archive that.

Understanding mind involves controlling it towards its limit, the perception and storage of information by the mind is proportion to the time that you give your mind to the book, if you are in a slow class you will definitely need more time and regular check ups on the books. Remember its how smart you do it and not how much time you spend studying.

Do not move with the majority but set up your own pattern of study and not make programs in the middle of your study, suspend any other movements for a while if its time for a book. Studying requires consistence and concentration. Both mind capacities need to aim at improving their rate of understanding and storing information but for the slow minds there is even more efforts needed.

The mind operates independent though part of the body. The body may not be tired but the mind is and vise – versa and thats were most people miss out from it and that must be mastered. At a particular time the mind will say its full or its tired and it does not require to be forced into a direction. You must know the suitable time and whether for your study and stick to that though most people prefer studying at night which must not always be the case. Your study time can be any time conducive based on your everyday activities and what time is mostly free for you. So if you are ever free at a particular time during the day i would advise to schedule your study time during day time because at night you may face difficulties fighting with your sleep because thats what night time is meant for and to change that your mind needs a period of training for it to adapt to the change. Though there is a good fresh air at night and some cool silence its not a mandate to study at night.

Basically this constitutes your first Smart Studying principles, when you understand yourself and your mind you call for a joyful and stress free study and thus you dont only study for yourself but you study for the next generation as well.

Let me know in the comments below if this episode of Smart study is helping you. Will be more than glad to hear from you.




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